Háromhegyi Komondor Kennel

Háromhegyi Komondor KennelWelcome to our newly launched website! You can open it any time - not like our garden door, that is guarded by our komondors! :)

Since 2006 we deal with komondors, and dug us deeply into getting known this race. Lots of dogs turned up in our hands (especially adult, rescued komondors), and we took part on exhibitions with our own dogs – right from the very beginning – so we were getting very fast into the clutter.

Every breeder selects on the base of different properties and tries to breed the best dogs on its own scale of values. In the last 20-30 years the tendency showed toward breeding dogs for nice outfit, to have show-dogs. Thus, the ancient komondor legends are unfortunately no longer true regarding a large part of the population.

Háromhegyi Komondor KennelThat is why we decided to make the selection in our cattery in the old mentality. We try to bring parent couples together, in which appears a staunch guardian instinct and maximum loyalty to their family. We believe that for the future komondor owners it is more important to have a true companion, a reliable guard, than to pick up the highest award/cup on a world exhibition. Of course, this does not mean that we do not pay attention to fact, that puppies kennel comply with the requirements of the standard, or it would not have a chance in the exhibitions.


Unfortunately we realized, that several ’first-time-komondor-owners’ are not aware of the breading, caring and most of times from that will be the whoop-de-doo. These are the cases after rumors are starting, that the adult komondor used to eat it’s owner. (When we bought our first komondor, we were threatened by our friends, who didn’t know this species.) We don’t want that somebody would turn away from this species/race/breed, that is why we used to attach „users manual” to the puppies sold by us.

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